Sunday, January 14, 2007

Community Activities in Janda Baik

Visit to orphanage - Rumah Kebajikan dan Anak-Anak Yatim Nur Zaharah at Kg Sum Sum Hilir.

On the evening of 12/10/2006 at 6.15 pm, in the holy month of Ramadhan, KSSE (Kelab Sukan & Sosial Elektrisola) organized a breaking fast activity together with the orphans at Rumah Kebajikan Nur Zaharah (Orphanage) in Janda Baik. Altogether 20 members from EM participated in this activity to spent and cherish a memorable evening with the orphans. Even though there were not many orphans but however we were touched by their simple life. A part of their building was still under construction. The Orphanage Manager gave a short briefing about the orphans and we were reminded not to ask the orphans anything sensitive related to their personal life. After breaking fast, all of us went for the congregation prayer, read the ‘Yassin’ and did the ‘terawih’ prayer. At 10:00pm we left the orphanage with mixed feelings; sad and grateful that we are not orphans… yet.

To those who would like to contribute some donation can directly contact the Manager of Rumah Kebajikan Nur Zaharah at this address:

No. 13, Kg Sum-Sum Hilir
Janda Baik
28750 Bentong
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel : 012-6271549 - En. Yahya bin Yusof (Pengurus)

Article written by: Rozita Abdul Razak
Edited by: Norlia Jaafar


Another community activity done by Elektrisola Malaysia (EM) staff is to help upgrading the Bukit Tinggi police station.

On December 4, 2006, a cheque presentation of RM1,000.00 was held in a simple ceremony to the Head of Bukit Tinggi Police Station, S/Insp. Tuan Mohd Saad Bin Haji Osman, as part of EM contribution in upgrading the Bukit Tinggi Police Station. Besides than the cheque, we also supplied flowers and plants for landscaping, paints and together with EM contractors, EM sponsored some of the building works and repairing materials.

It is our aim to make EM to be part of the local community and together contributing and building for the betterment of everyone in Janda Baik and Bukit Tinggi.

Article and photo from: Azleena Ismail

Janda Baik Voluntary Fire Fighting and Rescue Squad

The Janda Baik voluntary Fire Fighting and Rescue Squad (FFRS) is organizing a program to introduce its team and to attract the local community to join the team, besides providing the people with an understanding of the fire prevention aspect.

This program will be launched by the year end 2006, sponsored by the ADUN of Ketari / MP Bentong. Elektrisola (Malaysia) as the patron of the Janda Baik voluntary FFRS has sponsored 100 T-shirts to be used for this program.

Contribution of T-shirts was delivered by Dr. Ivo Cicolini as the Management representative to the Chairman of Janda Baik Voluntary FFRS, Tuan Haji Abd Karim Mohamed.

Original article in Malay written by: Hamdan Alias
Translated to English by: Norlia Jaafar

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